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Internet Maillist on Puppetry

The main discussion group is a Maillist called PUPTCRIT.  Many top-notch professionals as well as beginners are on this list. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone when you are subscribed. You subscribe to that list by the instructions that follow below. After you do that, you will get back an E-Mail acknowledgment, which will give you an introduction, tell you how to send mail to the list, and tell you how to un-subscribe if you need to (save those instructions).

To subscribe to PUPTCRIT, send a message to


You can put anything in the subject line, or leave it blank.
In the body of the message, say

  subscribe puptcrit


Puppetry Newsgroup

You must have a newsgroup reader program to access this portion of the internet.



The Puppetry Home Page

This is the main web page for puppetry. Here you will find listings of puppetry organizations, puppet makers, puppet festivals, and more information than you can hope to digest in a single visit (or even several) Here you will find links for almost everything puppet related - including finding local puppet guilds and special puppet events.



Puppetry for Christian ministry

A maillist called CHRISTPUP for those who use puppets in Christian ministry.

  List home page:  http://freespace.virgin.net/rob.davis/christpup.html

To Subscribe, send a message to:


The content of the message or subject line don't matter.

The Stagecraft Maillist

This internet maillist is very active and has discussions about all aspects of stagecraft.  There are many professionals as well as amateurs on this list.

To join the stagecraft mailing list, send mail to:


with the following command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe stagecraft myaddress@zzzzz.com
     [Substitute your E-mail address for the fake one]


The Institute for Creation Research

This is a link to an organization that probably is responsible for changing my career direction - up till 11th grade, I wanted to become a cosmologist. Then I realized how much bologna is substituted for actual science in astronomy and the evolutionary world view.  The "Publications" link on their page has the full content of their magazines and is searchable.  Some material is "consumer" oriented and others are more technical scholarly work.


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